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Silver Oxide SR Coin Cell

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Silver Oxide SR Coin Cell Silver Oxide SR Coin Cell
Silver Oxide SR Coin Cell Silver Oxide SR Coin Cell

Maxell is the world's leading manufacturer of Mercury Free environmentally friendly watch cells.

Following European battery regulations*, sales of batteries with 5 ppm or more of mercury is prohibited. However, button-type cells such as silver-oxide cells have received special exemption from the regulations since it has been technically difficult to maintain long product life without mercury and lead as an anti-corrosive. Given the global effort to reduce the environmental impact- of such products, Maxell has been committed to developing silver-oxide cells not using these types of anti-corrosives.
Silver Oxide cells are the primary long-life cells used in wrist watches and to mark the distinction between the Mercury Free Silver Oxide Batteries and standard Silver Oxide Batteries, Maxell have stamped the Mercury Free batteries with an Hg 0% design registered logo

38 models made in Japan are available for most wrist watches.

Maxell Europe is a member of the REPIC eBATT Compliance scheme and the Battery Producer Registration Number is BPRN00322, provided to us by the Environment Agency (EA)

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