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Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy

Maxell Europe Ltd (MEL) business is to provide professional and consumer products to our customers in; multimedia, memory storage, sound and vision, energy, automotive, medical, network and optical markets.

We recognise that preserving the global environment is very important and as such we will conduct our business in accord with corpotate ethics and corporate social responsibility.

MEL is committed to the following principles:

  • Corporate - to support and promote corporate standards, the environmental policy and social acitivities towards due diligence and harmony with the environment.
  • Communication - we shall promote, educate and communicate environmental best practice and performance of our business activities (sales, marketing, operations, manufacturing and distrobution), amongst our employees and stakeholders.
  • Knowledge - we shall actively develop, integrate and share environmental knowledge with other business groups. This shall be for the mutual benefit of our business, our employees, customers and the wider community we operate in.

  • Minimise - 4 R's. We recognise the importance to reduce, reuse, recover and recycle in our business performance. Where practicable we shall design for economics and to minimise the impact on our own environment, but aim to satisfy or exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • Prevention - it is our intention to prevent pollution from our business activity, to reduce the effect on our climate with the efficient use of resources, whilst meeting legal and other requirements in health, safety and environmental standards to which the organisation subscribes.

  • Maintain - we are committed to continual improvement by regularly reviewing our environmental performance against our policy, objective(s) and target(s).