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Adhesive Tape

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Adhesive Tape

For Automotive Industries particularly for car system solutions, there 3 main types of strong harnessing tapes which are used, including:

ELV Tape (Extra Low VOC) – used for fixing components in closed spaces in car interiors

 Electrically Conductive Tape – used on electromagnetic waves emitted from electronic equipment such as Sat Nav and GPS Systems

Harnessing Tape – for general harnessing of the interior and exterior materials of vehicle

ELV Tapes feature a higher adhesion compared with general adhesive D/C tapes and where the adhesive tapes conforms well when adhered transforms/deforms. The tape is also strong enough for fixing olefin and foam materials in the interior of the car as it sticks well to foam and plastic materials.

Electrical Conductive Tape Electrically features electric resistivity made of Electrolytic Copper foil backing and adhesive with Ni powder. This creates an electro magnetic shielding from electronic equipment.

Harnessing Tape is used for noise control and for cushioning properties. The Harnessing tape is used to protect the wires in and around the vehicle and is halogen free.